Liwa Suites

Design Union devised an impressive lighting solution for this hotel, solving an unusual mezzanine challenge simply and spectacularly.


Liwa Suites is an executive hotel in the heart of Abu Dhabi, UAE catering for long-term guests. Its lobby has a double-volume structure combining the ground and mezzanine floors. The mezzanine floor consists of a meeting room and a boardroom both looking out into the double volume area and directly into each other. Design Union saw an opportunity not only to solve the resulting privacy issue on the mezzanine floor but also an aesthetic and practical issue on the ground floor.

Mezzanine Windows

The lobby double volume created a scenario in which two opposing function rooms, each with large picture windows, faced one another. While this architectural concept created a sense of space, it produced a new problem when the hotel installed rooms that required visual separation when in use.


A cross-section of the lobby shows the privacy concern on the mezzanine floor between the two opposing rooms.

The lobby during construction shows the double-volume entrance where windows were installed. At the top right is a section of the mezzanine floor. Here a large picture window was installed.

The exterior of the building during construction. At the bottom centre can be seen the double-volume lobby section.

Shown above is a cross-section of the lobby and the mezzanine floor. Occupants of the meeting room on the mezzanine would see directly into the opposing room across the double-volume section and down into the lobby.

Design Union solved two problems with one striking concept: a large decorative chandelier that provides privacy from onlookers in the room across the mezzanine and elegantly lights the lobby.

The geometric cascades of the chandelier were inspired by Arabic motifs. Its layers and colour provide depth and visual interest from every vantage point: whether from below in the lobby or the side from either of the opposing mezzanine-floor rooms.


Design Union carried the Arabic motif concept through all the showpiece lights within the building, drawing additional inspiration from the undulating dunes of the desert in elegant chandelier art.


Liwa Suites is now a fully operational venue drawing guests for extended stays through a practical, welcoming and visually interesting interior.

Chandelier Schematics

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